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  • Complete a background check

    Submitting a background check is quick and free, and it helps ensure the safety of our students! EVERY volunteer needs a background check for the current school year on file, even if you completed one last year. They can take up to a week to verify, so if you think you might like to volunteer at any point during the school year, it's a great idea to get it done early so you don't have to miss out on an event.

  • Choose volunteer opportunities

    Many volunteer opportunities are advertised on our Facebook page or in the weekly email sent out each Friday by the front office. Contact the front office at (503) 825-5300 if you would like to be added to the Middleton Weekly Email recipient list.

  • Find your badge

    When you arrive on the day of your volunteer shift, stop by the office to check in and grab your volunteer badge from the wall. Everyone who has passed a background check will have a volunteer badge printed on the wall that can be used each time they come to volunteer.

  • Have fun!

    We know that signing up to volunteer can sometimes be confusing or intimidating, especially if you are new to Middleton or haven't volunteered before. If you have any questions or concerns about what to expect, feel free to ask our office staff or reach out to the coordinator of the event/activity you are helping with. THANK YOU for your time and service to Middleton!

What are some of the ways that I can volunteer at Middleton?

These are just a few of the many ways you can volunteer your time at Middleton:

  • Classroom activities: reading groups, field trips, parties, art projects, etc.
  • Facilitate Clubs : Mileage Club, Chess Club, Passport Club, etc.
  • Coordinate Fundraisers: Popcorn Fridays, Box Tops for Education, Fun Run, etc.
  • Annual Events: Carnival, Horseshoe Hop, Career Day, etc.

Have questions about a specific event? We have listed coordinators for every event below; feel free to reach out to them any time!

2019-2020 Activity & Program Coordinators


Nicole Tannler & Monica Vodrup

Art Literacy

Kristin Beadnell & Charlotte Cunningham

Battle of the Books

Jon Wollmuth, Jenny Verkamp, and Gwen Renard

Birthday Reader Board

Michelle Wunnicke

Book Swap

Natasha Edinger

Box Tops

Michelle Webb

Career Day

Julie Camp and Bonnie Swarts


We are looking for a Carnival Coordinator. Please email middletonpacpres@gmail.com if interested!

Character Trait of the Month

Melissa Horton

Chess Club

Alison Jedan and Mark Knepper

Curriculum Night

Erin Avila & Jon Wollmuth

Food Drive

Ambria Newton

Fun Run

PAC Board

Gardening Club

Michelle Henson & Melissa Horton

Horseshoe Hop

Gia Waugh

Mileage Club

Michelle Webb

Passport Club

Monica Vodrup

Picture Day

Alison Jedan & Michelle Wunnicke

Popcorn Friday

Missy Smith

Restaurant Dine-In

Gia Waugh

Science Night

Mary Czarnecki

School Supply Packs

Michelle Webb

Staff Appreciation

Jamie Pulver & Stephanie Vasquez

Summer Fitness

Alison Jedan

Talent Show

Stephanie Losli

Toy & Gift Drive

Laurie Holm


Marina Nix

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